A Boston newborn photographer’s top tips for successfully pumping at work

After having my 24 weeker a few years ago, and being working mom as a Boston Newborn Photographer, I had to exclusively pump for her. That was 12 whole months attached to my pump. We became quite good friends and I’m afraid to add up the hours I was hooked up to that thing over the whole year. I learned so much about pumping and how to maximize my output to feed my baby. Here are a few tips that helped me!

RELAX: Find a comfortable spot that you can put your feet up and relax. You want to be able to get your mind off work for 15 minutes. Stress plays a HUGE factor in milk production and output so if you sit down somewhere and relax without thinking about work you’ll have a much better pumping session.

LOOK AT PHOTOS: Take out your phone and look at photos of your baby, watch some videos of that cutie cooing and smiling. Looking at those images helps stimulate the release of hormones that encourage the let-down reflex. In the absence of the real deal, pictures of your little one will help to get those hormones flowing. 

Massage: Massaging your breasts while pumping can help the milk flow better. Just a minute or two of massaging your breasts before a pumping session can help to stimulate your milk-producing glands, allowing for a faster letdown.

Put the pump parts in the fridge: I ended up usually pumping twice at work so instead of taking the extra time (that I didn’t have) to clean my pump parts, I put them in a gallon zip lock bag and kept them in the fridge (or a cooler will work). Keeping them in the fridge keeps the germs from growing and allows you to be able to use them again without having to clean in between. I would then take them home and clean them well! Also having multiple spare parts (flanges and bottles) was a huge help! I would pull out a clean spare set and pump in the car on the way home from work to utilize my down time! 

Hands Free: Absolutely invest in a hands free pumping bra! They are seriously life changing! You can hook yourself up and sit there and relax, eat your lunch, or look at pictures of your baby.

I hope that some of those tips help you successfully pump for your little one! I know how much work it is and how exhausting it feels but in the end it’s all worth it!