For The Delightfully Nostalgic Families


You're expecting a baby! The most amazing thing is about to happen to you. Your life is changing. Your family is growing. You want to have these moments preserved in time. Pictures of the little tiny toes and sweet baby snuggles. You may be nervous to invite a Boston newborn photographer to your home. You may not be sure that in home photography is for you. Lets dig in because I love chatting about this!

What is in home newborn photography?

The best part of these sessions are the meaningful pictures, They are images of your family and your baby in your home. These pictures that you can treasure later in life when your baby is not a baby anymore. The nostalgia of seeing images of your baby in the nursery you spent months planning and designing.

These sessions are for the families that want special memories captured. These sessions are not for everyone and that's okay. They are catching the emotion and connection of your family. These sessions are geared more for the families who want those genuine in the moment photos of love and life.

You don't have to leave you home.

That is probably the best advantage. I mean, who enjoys packing up the literal hundreds of things in the diaper bag, getting the baby in the car seat, basically sweating and exhausted by the time you are ready to go. I know all about it. I'm not sure I can even leave the house without forgetting something with all four kids now. So staying home and getting ready at your leisure sounds pretty good!

Your home doesn't need to be sparkling clean.

You don't need to spend hours scrubbing your floors. You have a newborn, you're probably sleep deprived. Just moving some things to closets or shoving things under the bed is all that's needed. Its nice to have the coffee table empty and your end tables cleared. I am not afraid of moving some things around when needed. I am there for you, and to help you too. I may see something in my shot that I want to move, and I'll move it back after. I suggest throwing a clean neutral colored blanket on your bedding.

mom holding her baby on her lap by boston newborn photographer
baby sleeping on dads lap in boston newborn session
baby sleeping on the bed in boston photoshoot
when should i feed my baby?

I typically recommend trying to give you baby a feeding before I'm due to show up. That way baby will be content with a full belly and we can get started. If baby has different plans, don't stress. We follow your babies lead. If we need to break for a feeding during the session, that's totally okay. Ill capture those intimate moments for you if you want, or I can wait for you in another room. The best part of these sessions is that its all baby led. We capture whatever your baby is doing.

What should we wear?

I typically suggest you wear whatever your most comfortable in. These sessions are for you to remember this time in your life. If you want to wear comfy leggings and a cute sweater, just coordinate the colors of your other family members to yours. If you want to wear a pretty flowy dress, perfect!

I have some great options here if you're feeling a little lost on what to dress everyone in! I also suggest pulling out any of your favorite baby blankets as well as any of your favorite heirlooms you'd like included in the photos.

I'm here to chat about your next session!

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