Do I Really Need A Newborn Session By A Sudbury Newborn Photographer?

With today's technology and the incredible quality of cell phone cameras, you may think "why would I need to hire a newborn photographer when I can just take photos myself?".

The biggest thing is you need to get in the frame too! You're such an important part of your baby;s life and someday they will treasure the images they have with you in them. Let's be honest, you're probably not going to be in many photos unless you ask your partner to take them, My husband and many others I'm sure, just don't think to snap the photo when he sees you snuggling the baby. Many times my husband has said to me "you and the baby looked so cute sleeping this morning", and I'm like WHAT!?! why didn't you take a photo? He just doesn't think of it!

Having the whole family in the photos is so important. These times with your sweet new bundle are fleeting. Capturing the whole family snuggling together and loving on one another is my favorite part of my job. If you and your partner and switching off taking photos or trying to have a tripod out, it takes away from the special moments.

Your cell phone may take great photos, but they don't print well. They may be okay in small sizes but if you want some gorgeous wall art, you want shots from a professional.

A professional carefully curates each shot with composition, lighting, and posing. Even with lifestyle images, there's a lot of thought behind each shot. We make the magic happen for for you the enjoy those memories forever. These sessions re an investment into your future. Having these shots of your sweet baby as a newborn with your family will be something you cherish someday when they're grown!

I want to chat with you about how I can help you! Send me an e-mail here!

mom sitting with all her children in their sudbury home
parents snuggling their baby in the their sudbury newborn photo
mom snuggling her baby by sudbury newborn photographer