A six month milestone session!

When your baby is born, you don't realize how fast the time will go. You're stuck in a whirlwind of diaper changes, feedings, and little sleep. Then before you know it, you have a toddler. I love being able to capture milestone moments for families to be able to remember their growing baby. This family had me over for a 6 month milestone session. We recreated many moments from their newborn session which I love to do! You can look back and compare how big your baby has gotten! This mama told me that shes so glad that she has these images of her and her son. I said shes radiating happiness in these images. Capturing the genuine emotions is important. She can look back when her baby is grown and reminisce on how happy these days were. She'll be able to hear his giggle just from looking at these images.

Moms always tend to be the ones snapping the photos day to day, its rare that someone will take her photo unless she intentionally asks. I have very little images of my children and I simply because I'm always taking the photos. My husband never thinks to snap shots of me and our kids. I need to be more persistent in making sure I'm in the photos too! ANYWAYS, check out this cutie below!

mom hugging her baby
baby laying on the bed in his boston massachusetts home
mom tickling her baby boy
baby boy looking up at the camera
mom holding her baby
baby sitting on the couch
baby look laying on his parents bed
mom playing with her baby