Since becoming a Massachusetts newborn photographer, I have met so many amazing and strong moms. I love to listening their birth stories and to hear about how magical, wild, and tough entering motherhood can be.

Here's Finn's birth story as his Mama recalls it:
baby being kissed by his daddy
Baby sleeping in his parents arms
baby laying on his parents bed

"I will always remember seeing the YES on the pregnancy test. It was a Sunday morning and after taking the test I set it aside and forgot about it. My cavalier attitude was meant for self-preservation since there had been so many negative tests prior. I didn’t want to face what I felt was inevitable disappointment again. So while brushing my teeth, I dared myself to glance over at the stick and seeing a positive was the moment my life changed!

I didn’t love being pregnant. I was extremely sick from week 7 on. I lost a significant amount of weight during my pregnancy, had every aversion to food rather than every craving, and was so tired. But baby boy was healthy and growing and nothing else seemed to matter. I passed every blood test, glucose test, and blood pressure test with flying colors. Then we hit 32 weeks and my blood pressure was creeping up. By 36 weeks, it was too high and I was informed that I would be

I checked into the hospital on Thursday night and Finn checked out of Hotel Womb on Sunday night via c-section. As someone who took all the birthing classes and fully expected to have a medication/intervention free delivery, it felt like everything I planned shattered around me. It took two epidurals (the first one fell out), an ineffective spinal tap, among many other interventions to get Finn here.

I still look back on my newborn session photos of my little bug and can’t believe he was ever so small (7lbs). He’s a 19lb, 7 month old boy now. And all the fear, pain, & anxiety of pregnancy and delivery seems like a distant memory."

Motherhood is glorious and sometimes messy. It is absolutely magical and the moment you meet your newborn baby you forget everything. All the aches and pains. The scary moments. Its all gone when your beautiful baby is looking up at you.