Let's face it, when choosing a Boston MA newborn photographer your options are limitless. You may feel overwhelmed when googling "Boston MA newborn photographer" a million listings come up.

What kind of session do you want?

You first need to decide what kind of session you want. Do you want a posed in studio session or an in home lifestyle session? Once you figured out what session is best for you then you can rule out a lot of options.

What is your budget for a Boston newborn photographer?

Next you want to decide on your budget. How much are you willing to invest in these images? I suggest talking it over with your partner and figuring out what your comfortable spending. Investing in these images is an important decision and one I know you wont take lightly. These are images you'll remember forever. You'll look back in 18 years when your making a collage for your child's graduation party and smile at the little bundle that once was your newborn.

Search Google for Boston Newborn Photographer

Once you've decided budget you can start looking through your options. Check out the Boston MA newborn photographers websites. Read the first page of their site and see if they sound like someone you want to work with. If so, go to their investment page and check out pricing. Make sure they are in your budget area. If they fit your budget then you can check the rest of their site and make sure you go through all their portfolio images. You want to love the images you see. You want their style to match the vision you had of these images.

Make a list of your favorites

Next, make a list of your top favorite Boston newborn photographers. Read their "about me" sections on their sites. See if they sound like someone you will feel relaxed and comfortable working with. Then you can contact them and have a phone consultation. I love having phone consultations with my clients. I can quickly answer any questions they have and explain my process to them. It helps give you the peace of mind that you hired the right professional.

I hope this helped you when deciding on the right photographer to choose! You want this to be an easy decision!