Taking a good photo of your child shouldn't be hard! Let me, a Boston newborn photographer teach you how!

Getting a good photo of your own child may feel like finding a needle in a hay stack. They won't look at the camera, the won't stand still, and getting a smile may be the hardest task of all. I know, because my own children are definitely the same. Being a Boston newborn photographer, you'd assume I get amazing shots of my kids every day yet, my kids have photographers child syndrome. Yep, its a real thing, the moment i pull out the camera they turn into angry monsters who run away and won't look at me. We recently hired a photographer for family photos and my kids were perfect angels and she got so many amazing shots of them.

I've learned how to get them to cooperate for me over the years and I've also learned how to set yourself up for success when trying to get a few good images with your kids even if its just with your phone. You don't need a fancy camera to get some good photos of your kids. You can get some good memories with your phone. Just remember you won't be able to print them very large so if you want great shots to cover your walls with, i suggest hiring a photographer to capture those moments for you.

Dress for success!

Choosing some cute outfits that coordinate and make them look more put together will help a bunch!

Fall photo of little girl by boston newborn photographer


Try keeping their eyes the focus of your photo.

newborn baby boy by boston photographer


When trying to get a good photo of your child (even just a first day of school shot) try to pull them aside to an area that has a simple yet pretty background. I always drag my kids to my back yard that just has trees.

smiling girl by boston newborn photographer


Looking for natural sunlight, find a bright area of your home, or if outside put their backs to the sun so they aren't squinting their eyes in the direct sunlight. Or find a shady area.

girl and her dog by boston photographer


Making them laugh may be the hardest but I've found that if I get all serious and tell kids "whatever you do DO NOT LAUGH" they always laugh!

Smiling girl by boston newborn photographer

Hopefully some of these simple tips will help you get some better shots of your kids on a daily basis! Remember, if you want images to be printed and hung on your walls, hire a professional!