3 Tips to get your baby to sleep from a Boston Newborn Photographer

As a Boston newborn photographer I get to meet many many newborns. Some who sleep through their whole session and some who...well, they cry. I've learned many tricks to helping your baby sleep!

Swaddle. The swaddle is SO important. Your baby has been smushed all tight in your womb for 9 months and then is thrust into the big scary cold world. Being swaddled gives your baby that warmth and cozy comfort their missing from your belly! Sometimes we have baby Houdini's who escape the swaddle. That doesn't mean they don't like to swaddled, they just like a challenge! Using a Velcro swaddle blanket may help keep your babe swaddled and makes it SO MUCH EASIER to swaddle.

Noise! A sound machine is going to be your best friend. I always have my baby shusher in my bag for emergencies! Babies are used to a very loud constant noise in your belly. The silence can be awful for them once they're here. Having white noise playing while your get your baby to sleep will help them know its time to sleep, stay asleep longer, and feel safe.

Routine! I just had my my fourth baby and I am pretty proud of how quickly I got him on a bedtime routine. By 6 weeks old he was going to bed at 7pm. Every night he NEEDS to go to bed by 7. We have a routine of bath, pajamas, swaddle, feed and then I put him down drowsy. He knows once it's bath time that bedtime is coming. I put him down at 7 and dream feed him before I got to bed (I pull him out of his bed and feed him without waking him too much) then he slept till 3 am, then it was 4 am, and I'm proud to say this week he's been sleeping till 6. During the day I consistently put him down for a nap at certain times of day. He may not sleep for long but that constancy will help over time to get into a better nap routine.

Lastly, here's a bonus. Have patience. I know that's probably obvious but when a baby is screaming and wont sleep and you've had no sleep, you tend to loose all sanity. I know, I've been there. It's frustrating. Take time for yourself. Hand off the baby and take a hot shower. Get out of the house for a bit. Take time for yourself.