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How to prepare your home for a lifestyle newborn session

First of all, don't stress! As a Boston Newborn Photographer I travel to my clients homes to capture their beautiful new babies. Everyone's home is different in so many ways! Decor, lighting, and space are never the same. I am well versed in how to make any space work. I have learned over the years how to utilize the light that is available to me and to make any size space look beautiful in the images. That's part of the magic I create! There's always a few tips I'll pass on to the parents before a session, but I also will help move things quickly when I show up. I know you just had a baby and I'm positive you have so many things going through your mind including feeding and changing schedules that redecorating your house is not a priority.

When consulting with a family before booking, I hear so many parents say that they are uncertain their home will work for a session, but fear not! Anyone's home will work. I promise! I have an eye for finding the perfect little spots in your home that will shock you later in photos, So many times I've had a mom tell me after that she can't believe these beautiful shots are in her "ugly" living room.

First, I always ask the parents to keep an eye on the lighting in their home during the day. This will help in determining if we should do your session in the morning or afternoon. Just having you track if the sun is nice and bright in the nursery. bedroom and living room during what hours of the day will help us decide when I should come for your session.

Next, I ask if you have a few minutes to just hide some of the things on your end tables just to de-clutter. I will help do this when I come because even sliding a basket out of the way for five minutes of photos helps and I always move things back so you don't have to worry!

Lastly, I ask that you relax and enjoy getting ready before your session. Spend some time on pampering yourself and doing your hair and makeup. You absolutely don't need to wear makeup or do your hair special but sometimes it makes you feel good and confident especially after just having a baby. I am always available to help with any wardrobe questions! As a trained hair stylist as well I can help with any styling questions or even help you style the day of!

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