How to take the best photos of your kids in between sessions with your Boston Newborn Photographer

Taking your own photos doesn't have to be hard!

We all know how amazing it is to get your photos taken by a professional like your favorite Boston newborn photographer, BUT you can't get them done all the time! It's a good idea to have the milestones done professionally and even some photos for your holiday cards, but those day to day images are all on you! Here's how to get the best photos from your phone or camera!

  1. The lighting! Lighting is SO SO SO important! ALWAYS pay attention to the lighting you're in. It's best to have natural light for the best possible outcome. Shut off your overhead lighting if you have enough window light. Position your kids near a bright window so the light hits them. Taking the kids outside for some of those shots is a great idea, but you want to stay out of direct sunlight! Find a shady spot to capture your cuties!
  2. Outfits! The outfit ALWAYS makes the image. If you're trying to get a great shot of your little ones, try to coordinate their outfits and choose something cute! The outfits are the icing on the cake!
  3. Action shots! Get some shots of your kids doing things they love!
  4. Get down on their level! Staying at eye level will give you a great perspective for your image! It also genuinely captures what your child is doing at the time!
  5. Make them laugh! Getting genuine smiles by saying silly things or making funny faces will make all the difference!
  6. Editing our photos! You can get some great shots with your phone but to make them pop, download photo editing apps to your phone. They have simple filters that can just help your photos pop!

Last but not least: HAVE SOME FUN. Make it a fun experience. Have lots of giggles and laughs. Make it another quality time activity! Capture those special moments when your decorating cookies, or painting pictures. Capture those special every day moments and try to get in the photos! Have someone take a few with you in them too! Your kids will thank you some day when they have those images to remember you and their childhood by.


mom and son in boston photo session
three sisters by boston photographer
big sister and baby brother by boston newborn photographer
young child by boston newborn photographer
girl at boston tree farm mini session
siblings at a boston tree farm mini session
children at a worcester tree farm mini session
sisters hugging at a tree farm mini session