What’s the Difference Between Posed and Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

As a Worcester MA Photographer I get asked the question " What is the difference between lifestyle and posed?" all the time! Newborn photography is an art and there are two major options. You can choose posed sessions in studio with those traditional, intentional images with the baby in a basket or posed just so on a beanbag and a blanket with your baby wrapped up nice and tight and every image is a perfectly curated art piece. Or you can choose a lifestyle session where your photographer captures genuine moments of pure interaction between your family and baby inside his or her nursery. I prefer the later. I love the raw unfiltered moments I catch when your snuggling your baby.

As a Worcester MA photographer and lifestyle newborn photographer I only get to spend a short amount of time with your family, so I will typically instruct you to interact with the baby in a certain spot and in a certain way, such as suggesting a bath or rocking baby in the chair.

Both lifestyle and studio photography can include family members, but a lifestyle session tends to place a bigger emphasis on interaction between the baby and the family. The only props are what’s in your home, and there are no backdrops. Lighting is all natural light which is stunning and my favorite!

Age of baby is a huge difference in the two session options as well. Most posed studio photographers prefer your baby to be less then two weeks old at most so baby is easier to work with. I have no age preference and honestly love working with babies at any age. Because lifestyle sessions capture your family doing what your do best, just interacting together, it doesn't matter how old baby is. That is a huge help sometimes when planning because lets face it, you just gave birth and are exhausted. Sometimes having a few extra weeks to heal is a saving grace.

I know many parents choose to do both sessions because its hard to choose. I have some favorite photographers I follow who do absolutely stunning posed newborns. As a photographer and a mom, I just prefer the lifestyle images and feel that's where I shine creatively.

I would LOVE to chat with you about your session options. Fill out the form below if you have questions about a lifestyle newborn session, I would be glad to set up a free phone consultation to talk you through the whole process.