Mackenzie's Birth Story-

As a Boston newborn photographer I meet so many amazingly strong mamas and I get to hear their birth stories. The strength of a mother is like no other! That why I want to spotlight these amazing mamas once a week and share their powerful stories. Lets celebrate these strong woman. This little baby was born at St. Vincent's Hospital in Worcester MA. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the hospital and capture Mackenzie's fresh 48 images.

baby yawning in boston hospital room
baby sleeping in boston hospital bassinet
baby sleeping in her bassinet in the boston hospital room

Here's her story:

"Miss Mackenzie was due November 4th. She was #3 and I was convinced she would be here before her due date. I was prepared to spend Halloween in the hospital. Little did I know, she had no intention of coming early, or on time for that matter! My due date came and went and I was still pregnant! In the early morning of November 10th, the contractions started. I was alone in bed as my husband decided the days following my due date was the PERFECT time to pick up a ton of overtime. I waited until about 5am and called him. Of course he knew why I was calling, but wasn't due to be relieved until 6:30, could I wait that long? Maybe? Maybe not. So he called his relief to see if he could come in early and headed home. I called my mother in law to start heading over also to take over care of my older 2. I labored at home until about 9:30. Arrived at St. Vincent Hospital just as the doctor on call was returning my call and told me to come in. Well, I'm already here so I'll see you in a couple of minutes! They put me in a room and hooked me up to the monitor. The midwife came in and checked me and told me she wasn't sure I was in real, active labor, and I should head home and come back if contractions because more “regular.” She left and my nurse came in. I told her there was NO WAY I was going home, I knew I was in labor. She suggested I get dressed and take a walk and come back in an hour. We wondered our way over to Dunkin' and got me some munchkins and a drink and then wandered our way back to L&D. Midwife came in to check me again, and sure enough, I had dilated more. Huh...who knew? Oh that's right, the laboring woman! Now they were ready to keep me so I got comfy and told them the anesthesiologist was welcome to come whenever they got the chance! Which turned out to be super quick! The doctor made her way in a few times, suggesting pitocin twice, which I refused, twice and then told my nurse that there was no way I was going to agree to it and it would be best if it wasn't offered again. This doctor must have had something else planned for the day because she was doing EVERYTHING she could to try and convince me to “speed things up.” During a dilation check she decided to break my water. I was NOT happy. Still ended up laboring for quite a few more hours. The button for the epidural was my best friend. I was on my side with the peanut ball for a while. Shift change for the nurses came and my new nurse was AMAZING! She was attentive, helpful, cheery and I truly loved her! 15 hours after labor started, it was time to push. My nurse, again, an angel, talked me through pushing and 2 pushes and she was out. I didn't tear AT ALL. With my first 2, I needed stitches. Let me tell you, recovery when there was no tearing is so amazing. She was my biggest baby at 8lbs. 1oz. and 20.5inches long. She was born 6 days past her due date, and missed sharing her birthday with her oldest brother and mommy by 2 days!"