Photography After Corona // West Boylston Family Photographer

Life has been anything but ordinary lately. We've been scared for months and nervous to be near people. The unknown is inevitable and the news makes us scared. We don't know what is right and what is wrong. Which scientist do we believe? I've been riding this roller coaster for too long. Being pregnant during a pandemic is something I never thought I would deal with. Pandemic?? What even is that. We never had to concern ourselves with this in our lifetime. Now stressing about bringing a newborn baby into the world of unknown is terrifying. We're literally afraid to let our family visit. Who wants to tell the grandmas that they can look but not touch? That's something no one would imagine having to deal with.

So lets imagine this, I'm a newborn photographer who does lifestyle sessions in your home. I usually come to your home during the first two weeks of the baby's life and capture magnificent memories for you to treasure for a lifetime. Now I think to myself, how can I accomplish this and keep everyone safe? I want to be able to continue doing what I love as well as giving these families the magical moments they dream of.

I hope by fall I will be able to be back in the full swing of things. Your safety is my number one responsibility and priority. I will be working on setting myself up to come prepared, I luckily can keep a distance, and rarely do I ever need to even touch your baby. Usually all I am doing is directing you on little movements and position changes around your home. I will be offering "through the window" sessions where we can capture some gorgeous shots through your windows. We can do front porch sessions and outdoor lifestyle sessions around your yard.

I hope that come fall I will be able to do all the amazing sessions I once was. I hope that you'll be able to feel confident in my ability to keep you safe while capturing amazing memories.