What Do I Pack In My Hospital Bag? Worcester MA Newborn Photographer Kerry Callahan Photography

So you're pregnant and trying to figure out what to pack in your hospital bag! It can be a daunting task. You don't want to pack too much or too little. What if you forget something? Well don't worry, I've been doing some research and have compiled the perfect list of everything you need in your hospital bag! I've asked a bunch of veteran moms what is essential in your hospital bag and what you can leave at home?

1. A robe! I always tell my moms that hire me for Fresh 48 sessions to pack a plain neutral color robe! I see a lot of navy blue which always photographs well! Robes are also great because you don't really want to get fully dressed right away and it's easy to nurse and do skin to skin!

2. Slippers! You're going to be moving around the room a bit once baby is born and it's nice to have some comfy slippers to wear! Especially when you sneak down to the little snack room for a midnight snack! ( I most definitely snuck over to the snack room a lot if you couldn't tell)

3. Chargers! You want phone chargers, iPad chargers, and camera chargers!

4. Chapstick. Every single mom said chapstick, those hospital rooms are dry and your lips WILL get chapped!

5. Comfy clothes to wear home. Listen up, you will not be back to your pre pregnancy size after you deliver that baby. Make sure you bring some comfy yoga or sweatpants and a comfy loose shirt to wear home, I literally thought I would wear my normal pre pregnancy pants home after my first kid....yeah that didn't go well especially after I had a c section and I had to wear my husbands huge flannel pajama pants I brought for him to sleep in there. That was fun. I left the hospital feeling like a hormonal ho-bo. 

6. SNACKS. You're going to be hungry. Your husband is going to be hungry. BRING SNACKS!

7. Tooth brush and tooth paste. You're going to want to brush your teeth.

8. Shampoo and Conditioner....you're not going to want to use what the hospital provides. Just grab some travel sizes of your favorites.

9. A hairbrush and elastics. I did not bring a hairbrush and I went home with some cute dreadlocks.

10. Bring some makeup. If you're used to wearing makeup every day, it will help you feel better especially when there's all sorts of visitors who will undoubtedly take your photo. Just grab some cheap extras to keep in your go bag. Even if you have just a little concealer and some mascara!

11. Some comfy blankets and pillows. I just don't like sleeping without my own pillow and blanket. 

12. Nursing tanks and bra! If you're planning on nursing these are definitely helpful.

13. Some loose undies. I was not a fan of those massive mesh weirdo underoos the hospital gives you. They're great for day one when you have to shove an icepack down there but after that I switched to normal underwear with those massive hulk pads you have to wear.

14. The hospital will provide pads and basically everything you need to handle the aftermath of giving birth.

15. Bring a going home outfit in a newborn size and 0-3 size. Every baby is different and you never know what the baby is going to fit into. My first was too chunky to fit into her newborn size sleeper I brought and I had to stuff her fat legs into it until we got her home.

16. Bring an extra bag, because every visitor is going to bring you a gift. It's just how it goes. My husband had to make three trips to the car just to bring all the gifts down.

 17. HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER! You're definitely going to want a Fresh 48 session. I have heard so many times how so many moms regret not hiring a photographer for a Fresh 48 session. These are moments you will NEVER get back. You want them captured.

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