Raising Littles // Kerry Callahan Photography West Boylston Family Photographer

Before having kids you can imagine what your life will be like, but you truly have no idea until you have a bunch of kids running around your house crashing into things and making everything sticky. I have yet to figure out how my kids can get the entire bathroom wet with just one bath, like literally the ceiling was wet last night. Granted I should probably watch them like a hawk, but....life. Being home with them for 24 hours a day 7 days a week since mid march has taught me a lot. It's been cemented into my brain that I am absolutely not made for arts and crafts. The mess that these girls make with just a little glue and paper is insane. Add some glitter and its my living hell. My husband regularly tells me to "relax" you can clean all that up later and let them have fun blah blah. The mess hurts my soul sometime, but alas, I let them make the mess and suffer the consequences. Lately, I've learned that these kids cant understand what is happening in our wold and letting them enjoy life to the fullest right now is basically all they have. Letting them run around in their pajamas outside barefoot while chasing the neighbors cat is the only entertainment they get lately. I've basically spent my life savings on things to keep them busy lately.

Last week alone I had to call 911 for one kid choking and had to vacuum glass out of the others hair. My littlest was choking on an apple for what felt like 10 minutes and after calling 911 and being instructed on how to give the Heimlich it sunk in that I have never been prepared to be a parent, How could I not know how to save a choking kid? We have lots of those moments as parents. As soon as the paramedics drove away my six year old decided to take her bike high speed down the hill into the back of my car. Picture bike bouncing off the bumper while the child flails into the air....the moment the EMTs leave. Yeah....that was my day. Did I forget to mention I was supposed to be on "bed rest" for a high risk pregnancy. Its funny people say we should have our own reality show and I always said "oh no were too boring" but this is literally just one day of many similar days in our life.

The next day my 8 year old decided she needed to jump on my bed while trying to remove a way to small princess dress and smashed her head into the light on my ceiling fan. Cue screaming and glass shattering. The amount of glass that was all over her hair and my bed was unnerving. I literally had to get the vacuum and vacuum all of the glass from her head, which resulted in some major dread locs.

If you read all this before having children I'm sure you would be thinking there's no way you would ever intentionally put yourself through all this but its the most wonderful amazing and magical thing to be a parent. They love you so unconditionally and give you so much joy in life. Every single moment is worth it.

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