The Benefits of an In Home Newborn Session

I get asked a lot WHY an in home session? Do you think your home may be too dark, or too cluttered? Or it's not picture perfect like you see online? Let's squash your fears! I'll tell you why an in home newborn session is perfect for EVERY family, no matter the size or space of your home.

big sister and baby brother by worcester photographer

Comfy and Cozy-

You may feel like your home needs to look and feel perfect, but you just gave birth. You're in a sleep deprived oblivion and your in survival mode. Don't stress about having things left around. I see things while I'm setting up our shots and ill move things around to hide them from the camera! I find lots of creative little spaces in your home that you would never have thought would work! Part of my job is to be there to help, so relax and let me while you get to snuggle your new babe!

newborn snuggling on daddy by leominster photographer
newborn on changing table by leominster newborn photographer
dad kissing his son by lunenburg photographer

Safety For Your Newborn

Your baby is only a few days or weeks old, and their immune system is not developed yet. Taking them out into the world is sometimes nerve wracking. Its also a LOT of work taking a baby out. Packing up all the things you may need to bring with you, worrying about feedings and changes on the go. That's why it's so convenient to have me come to your home. I'll take my shoes off, and wash my hands first thing. I will wear a mask, and keep my distance. I don't ever even need to touch your baby. I'll just direct you on how to wrap your baby up, or tell you to move a little bit each way. I make it super safe and easy so you can just relax.

mom laying with her daughter by bolton photographer
wide awake baby by lancaster photographer
mom in the chair with her baby by leominster photographer

Siblings Safe Space

Ever notice how your older kiddos may not be on their best behavior out in public? They're busy and excited, they cant control it! Having your session at home in their safe space is beneficial for them. They get to stay in their home with all their toys. They can run away and play or have a snack when they want a break from being in photos. They tend to cooperate much better when in their home environment. I love spending time with your older kids, I've even had a tea party while mom took a break to nurse the baby! They warm up quicker to me in their own home so I can get those beautiful precious real life memories. We can capture their true personalities and interactions with their new baby sibling.

happy toddler by holden photographer
sibling love by holden photographer
sweet big sister by holden newborn photographer


Chances are, there's plenty of spots in your home that have perfect lighting for photos. I will walk around quickly and find a bunch of spots that we can work with. I usually ask a week or so prior to have you keep track of the sun in your home and where it comes in at certain times of the day so I can be prepared when I get there.

gorgeous sleeping baby by holden photographer
mom holding her baby by rutland photographer
squishy new baby by rutland photographer

Fur Babies

We know you love your fur babies as much as your actual baby! That'y why we always incorporate them in our sessions. They're part of the family too! I love your pets and I'm totally open to having them involved in the whole session. I am excited to work with whatever you and your pets are comfortable with!

family dog by rutland photographer
boston terrier by holden photographer
golden retriever by holden photographer

Enjoy the Moments

This is a fun laid back session. We hang out and laugh and talk about how cute your baby is. You can show me all your cool belongings and we can incorporate your neat things into your session to show what makes your family so special! I want to capture memories in your home so you can look back years later and remember those moments. Lifestyle photography is all about capturing the genuine interactions. So relax, melt into your partners arms and snuggle your newborn. Just laugh when your toddler spills his juice everywhere. (i'll even help you clean it up!) You'll treasure these moments for ever.

I can't wait to meet you!

I am always available to a chat, if you have any questions. Don't hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an email! I want to ease your mind and help prepare you for your session.