The Best Baby Shower Gift Idea

I love creating gift baskets for expectant mothers! When your expecting a baby, you get all excited about the furniture and the baby clothes. Unfortunately the most important items tend to get forgotten. That's why I always create a beautiful basket of the forgotten items for new moms!

What's In The Basket?

  1. Infant Tylenol. THIS! every mom needs this stocked in her cabinet. Listen, the first time we needed infant Tylenol was the middle of the night and we were scrambling with a two month old who had a fever. I had to send my husband to the next town over to a 24 hour CVS just to get some. I ALWAYS add this to my gift baskets now!
  2. Diaper Rash Cream! I have tried so many brands over my years of parenting and we have found that Triple Paste is THE best out there, its pricey but SO worth it! This is another product moms don't always think about until they need it.
  3. Freda Baby Bundle Of Joy Kit. This kit has an AWESOME collection of things mom will need! First of all NAIL CLIPPERS! All of a sudden baby has these sharp nails that are like little razors attached to their fingers. Having the special baby nail clippers are ideal. If you've never had to cut a baby's nails before, its basically the SCARIEST thing you'll ever have to do. Secondly, it has the Nose Freda. This thing is AMAZING. You may think that sucking the snot out of your babies nose is absolutely something you won't do but this thing works SO well. You'll also do ANYTHING to make your baby feel better. Plus its hygienic and you aren't actually sucking snot into you mouth, I mean that would be gross. This kit also has the Freda Windy gasspasser kit. You will do ANYTHING to help you baby pass gas. This thing works like a charm!
  4. Thermometer. Having one on hand is a lifesaver! Usually you don't think about needing one until your baby is burning up for the first time and you have to scramble!
  5. Baby shampoo and body wash. I love the Dove shampoo and body wash! It smells so good and is gentle on their skin!
  6. Lastly I usually throw in a few different kinds of pacifiers and a cute lovie! A lot of moms start of thinking they wont use a pacifier but eventually end up needing one to soothe baby. Babies like to suck to sooth themselves and the sucking helps reduce the risk of sids. Its absolutely personal preference to use one but I love to throw a few different ones in there just in case! I also always include a lovie of some sort! Babies use lovies to snuggle and comfort themselves so I like to add one in as a special touch! Ill link some of my favorite lovies below!

Once I have collected all the things for my basket, Ill find a cute basket that can be used in the nursery later on or I'll put everything in a cute laundry basket because lets be honest, who doesn't need more laundry baskets?! I have so much fun putting these baskets together and everyone always loves them!