Mama, We see you. We feel it too. This is for the moms who may be utterly exhausted. This year has been nothing short of a hurricane of emotions and chaos. Being home (or working) through this pandemic as a mom hasn't been a walk in the park.

To the moms who brought newborns home in this pandemic, we see you. Being basically alone while raising a newborn is exhausting. Having no one to help while the baby is screaming and you're doing all you can to not fall apart. Spending all day in the house going stir crazy because you're afraid to take the baby anywhere. Being afraid to let family visit. Being scared to even let grandparents hold your newborn. We see you.

To the moms with school aged children trying to do virtual, hybrid, or home school. Trying to keep track of zoom meeting schedules all day, or trying to hold it together while your child is struggling to keep themselves together in front of the computer all day. To the moms who are struggling to keep up with the mess the children leave in their wake....We see you.

To the moms working full time, always worried about bringing the virus home. Worried about leaving your kids with older grandparents, or worrying about your kids in daycare. Trying to keep up with normal life. We see you.

To the moms who are working on the front lines and barely able to catch a few hours of sleep before taking care of your babies and heading back to your scary new normal. We see you.

I know this wont be the normal forever. I mean, I hope this wont be how we live forever. Struggling to keep it together all day is not easy. Being emotionally exhausted is not easy. I try to enjoy every day with my babies. I know they'll grow and I'll miss this. I just may not miss ALL of this...