What to wear for your family photo shoot / by a Worcester family photographer

As a Worcester family photographer, I get asked a lot "what should we wear?". It can be a little daunting trying to pick out clothing choices for your whole family. What colors work best? What patterns to avoid? How many colors are too many?

Well, I am here to simplify that for you! I will give you all the major do's and don'ts.

First of all, I always tell mom to choose her outfit first. Lets be honest, more then likely these images are for mom and she needs to feel AMAZING in them. I always tell mom to choose whatever it is that she feels the most confident in. If that's a beautiful flowy dress, great! If she prefers jeans and a sweater, perfect!

Once mom has her outfit chosen, take a look at the colors and choose a FEW coordinating colors to use for the rest of the family. We like coordinating not matching, Say mom has a cranberry dress with navy and white flowers on it, she could choose a navy shirt and khaki pants for dad, a cream colored shirt or dress for one child, and a cranberry or mustard shirt or dress for her other children.

Some great color choices are:

Cream, mustard, & navy

Navy, cranberry, & mustard

Dark green, cranberry, & cream

I love when families choose different kinds of clothing as well. Mom has a dress on, one daughter has a dress, the other is in an adorable jumper while her son has khakis and a button up. So on, and so on.

I always recommend avoiding stripes and checkered patterns, such a flannel. They don't tend to photograph very well. If you do choose to have a pattern, make sure its only one person wearing a pattern. you can coordinate everyone else's outfits from that one patterns colors.

Casual vs. formal? Its fun to keep it all casual or all formal but i LOVE when you have a mix of both causal and formal. Having everyone's outfits coordinated correctly can be the difference between your images looking more like casual snapshots or gorgeous family heirlooms you want to cover your walls with! Reach out if you need some inspiration or some input I'm always available to help!