Life Gets Busy...

I know how crazy life becomes once your baby is here, or even the months leading up to the birth. As a mom of four and a Boston newborn photographer, I too am swept away with the demands of life and forget mostly everything. I'm pretty sure my car is like three thousands miles late for an oil change. It's just life.

Maybe you weren't sure about having a newborn session in the middle of a pandemic but realized those moments are fleeting and you want to preserve these memories.

The good news is, it's not too late for your Boston newborn session. I'm an in home newborn photographer, I come to your home to tell your family story and there's no age limit. I love to photograph babies of all ages. Every age baby has different gorgeous qualities. The new week old babies are so sleepy and snugly, where the older six week and older babies are smiley and curious.

Capturing your newborn in your home gives you some great benefits.

Firstly, coming to your home saves you from getting everyone ready and packing all your belongings (which is wildly exhausting with a newborn). You get to stay in the comfort of your own home and get ready at your leisure while your baby snoozes until I get to your home.

Secondly, with the pandemic and sometimes scary world, I can come to your home and lower the risks. I always wear a mask and sanitize before coming into your home. I will gladly kick off my shoes. I don't ever even need to touch your baby! I easily direct you into different positions and explain to you how to hold and wrap your baby.

Lastly, capturing your baby in your home creates special memories in in the place where you brought your baby home for the first time. You can preserve the moments of nursing him in the rocking chair, or where you cradle him in your arms and sing softly to him. These photos have a little more meaning behind them and that's my favorite part.

When you contact me to book your session, we'll chat about all the little details and I help you throughout everything! I can't wait to meet you and your new babe!

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Check out this sweet baby girl, she was seven weeks old during her newborn session in their Boston home.

She was such a doll and was so smiley during her entire session, until she finally fell peacefully asleep in her daddy's arms. It was such a please to capture these images for this sweet family!

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