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Fresh 48 Sessions

What is a Fresh 48 Session?

A fresh 48 session is held in the hospital after you have your new baby. I come to the hospital within the first 48 hours of life and capture those beautiful unscripted moments of you bonding with your new baby. When having a new baby is a whirlwind experience most people don't stop to treasure those special moments of little snuggles and baby yawns. Im there to get those moments on camera for you to treasure.

What should I wear?

I suggest a neutral colored robe, something comfortable since you just gave birth! I like dads to wear simple clothing, as long as they avoid big logos. Moms don't need to get too worries about hair and makeup, I work hard to get perfect angles of you so you look and fee your best, because lets me honest...you just gave birth.

When should we schedule?

Since I only take a few Fresh 48 sessions a month, I prefer to have you book as soon as you decide you want a Fresh 48 session. That way when the day comes and you have your baby, you just have to let me know and I will come out the next day.

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