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What should I wear for my in home newborn session?

October 10, 2019

So your home with your new baby and so insanely in love! Now you're getting ready for your in home newborn session! What do you wear? That is the magical question that I'm sure stresses a lot of moms out! I always say to my moms that they should keep it casual and comfy. We want to to focus on the love you have for you baby. So I typically tell moms to wear a loose knit sweater in a neural color with some black leggings or comfy dark jeans. You want to feel good but be comfortable because lets be honest, you just gave birth!


What should my husband wear?

I love when dads keep it simple and wear nice dark jeans or khakis with a neutral color shirt. a polo or a nice looking t-shirt can work just fine! Make sure theres no logos though!


If you have siblings at home that will be incorporated into the shoot have them wear coordinating colors but try to keep it simple without many patterns!

What should my baby wear?

I always love to incorporate all of your favorite onesies and blankets that you have for your babies. I like to keep them in simple outfits, or onesies without words or patterns. Keeping it more neural and simple helps when looking at the photographs later. Your eyes will go right to the magic, to the beautiful baby and all the love in the photo.


Always ask when in doubt! I love to help and I am always available to answer any questions!



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