Fresh 48

baby sleeping in a crib by Worcester MA photographer
newborn baby boy by worcester photographer
baby laying on dads chest by Clinton MA photographer
baby looking into camera by newborn photographer worcester ma
baby in the bassinet by worcester photographer
newborn sleeping by newborn photographer worcester ma
mom and sister admiring baby by Sterling MA photographer
newborn baby wide awake by worcester photographer
newborn baby with dad by worcester photographer
dad holding his children by Worcester MA newborn photographer
baby sleeping in bassinet by West Boylston MA photographer
proud big sister by West Boylston MA family photographer
alert newborn baby by worcester photographer
sleeping newborn by Northborough MA family photographer
black and white image of newborn by West boylston MA best photographer
mom holding her baby by Worcester MA best family photographer
dad holding his son by Lunenburg MA photographer
newborn in bassinet by Worcester MA best photographer
curled up newborn baby by Worcester MA lifestyle photographer

What is a Fresh 48 Session?

A fresh 48 session is held in the hospital after you have your new baby. I come to the hospital within the first 48 hours of life and capture those beautiful unscripted moments of you bonding with your new baby. When having a new baby is a whirlwind experience most people don't stop to treasure those special moments of little snuggles and baby yawns. I'm there to get those moments on camera for you to treasure.